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Speleofest 2018 Online Registration for May 25th - 28th, 2018

The Louisville Grotto is happy to accept payment for Speleofest registration through PayPal.


To use this form, fill out one section at a time (I.E. Adult Registration) and then click "Add to Cart". You will then be taken to a PayPal shopping cart. Click "Continue Shopping" to return to this page and continue adding more items to your transaction.

Speleofest Pre-registration Prices:

Admission: $25

Tshirt: Coming Soon!!

Banquet: $10

Extra door prize tickets (6) $5

If you would like to register via Mail-In Form you can click on the 2018 Speleofest Registration Form link to download the PDF version of the form to print and mail.

Online Pre-Registration will be open until May 14th, 2018. There is a $5 discount on registration for those who Pre-Register. We close registration two weeks early so that we can process and dedicate ourselves to last minute events. If you miss the online registration you are of course welcome to register at the door.

Adult Registration $25

Name of Attendee

Child Registration (Ages 7-17) $15

All Children MUST have an Adult.

Name of Child
Guardian Name and Contact #

Early Arrival Registration $5

This year, we will be doing Wednesday and Thursday Early Arrivals, instead of just Thursday as we have in the past. If you will be arriving on Wednesday evening there is an additional $10 fee per person. If you will be arriving on Thursday, the fee is $5 per person. You can pay at the door or online. We would appreciate if you pay the fee in advance so that we can have a reasonable count for how many people to expect. Please click "Add to Cart" once for each person that will be arriving on Thursday. Thanks.

Early Arrival Camping

Pet Registration $25

$25 is required for each pet that will be joining you for the weekend. Pets must be leashed at all times. Please be courteous to your neighbors and don't expect them to take care of your dog while you are not in the camp.
Starting this year, Pets are not allowed at the shelter house.

Owner Contact

Saturday Night Banquet Ticket $10

Buying someone dinner after a long day of caving is an awesome way to make new friends.

Extra Door Prize Tickets

Extra door prize tickets are a great way to support the cause while earning a chance to win awesome caving gear. When you buy $5 worth you get an extra ticket free.

Extra Door Prize Tickets

Payments by PayPal